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My name is Chanterelle and I’m a sixteen-year-old from the depths of what once was the central breeding ground for artists, but now has been infested with yuppies: Tribeca. I attend Bard High School Early College II in Long Island City, Queens. I enjoy eating fruit and reading Nietzsche on the subway. I also enjoy drinking tea and discussing poetry with my associates. I heard about Youth Insights through a friend, and I’m enjoying my experience at YI very much so far. I am an art fanatic because I believe it is a way to escape reality and a way to create one’s own reality. My favorite type of art is film. I like film because it is such a versatile medium, and one can do anything they want with it. Some of my favorite directors include, but are not limited to, Wes Anderson, Harmony Korine, Alfred Hitchcock, Todd Solondz, Miranda July, Stanley Kubrick, and Alejandro Jodorowsky. I am very inspired by these artists, as well as the city, nature, my friends’ art, my parents’ art, garbage, and interesting/maniacal/weird people. In the future, I hope to become a filmmaker or an astronaut.

Chanterelle’s Artwork