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I am a passionate artist who seeks to attract people with creativity and draw a curtain around them. Of course, my attempt is to shut people inside the curtain and never let them out. Behind the curtain, I wish to allow them to become acquainted with me through my works of art and writing. Not only do I like to draw the curtain around people, but I also love exploring the space behind other artists' curtains.

I have always had a burning desire for expressing my creative thoughts, images, and philosophy. However, it was only two years ago that I decided to fulfill my desire by pursuing a goal of becoming an inspiring artist/writer. In order to realize my dream of becoming an artist/writer and influencing the minds of many people, I have engaged myself in the world of art and writing as much as possible. I pay attention to the world that surrounds me. I try to see as much as possible. Then I contemplate, based on my observations. The developed thoughts are expressed through writing, sculpting, drawing, or painting. 

I am gaining lots of rich experiences through interning at the Whitney and taking classes at the Art Students League of New York. Additionally, I always save an ample amount of time for writing personal essays. Writing personal essays during my spare time helps me develop my own voice.   

I have many artists and writers whom I admire. Among all the artists and writers I respect, Virginia Woolf is the most important to me. Her ability to deliver vivid images, plot, and consciousness through writing is beyond amazement. The first time I read her essay, The Death of the Moth, I immediately fell in love with her. Virginia Woolf not only inspired me to become a writer, but also an artist. Just as Virginia Woolf did, I wish to become an artist who makes the audience jump into the wave of emotion I convey through my works of art and writing.

I was born in Seoul, South Korea. I arrived in the United States in the summer of 2007. I am currently attending Bard High School Early College. 

Seon’s Artwork

Seon’s Artwork