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I try not to be like anyone in this program. So, I don't want to start with an intro, but rather a free-style poem I wrote to help people identify with who I am.

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Little toy soldier how far will you go?

Important business to attend. 

Follow the commands, nothing else concerns you.

But little toy soldier I know what you're up to

Do Not ENTER reads the sign, but you do.

Important business to attend TOY SOLDIER!

you deviate . . .

Little toy soldier, stop asking questions

Stop addressing orders

NO, don't think, it's unhealthy

Besides you are just a toy.

No one can take you seriously 

Yes, you are eternally loved

And yet, to us, you have no real feelings

To us, you are just a tool, too small to listen to.

not like it matters.

Cry toy soldier, you are a sham

because you are just a toy.

This is how I used to feel much of my freshman and sophomore years of high school. I mostly felt this way because I rarely felt like I ever fitted in anywhere within my family and the obvious cliques present in all high schools. I'm an observant kind of fellow, and that's probably because of the fascination this world can bring. Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, I've always been a city boy. I wasn't necessarily wealthy, but my father was always a hard worker. He worked to bring my mom and me here. 

You know, it hasn't hit me before, but I am in New York City! It is the hub of all that is entertainment, and business, and creativity. A major city, it really is world class. It's so funny how things work out. I was raised in Brooklyn for most of my childhood in a three-floor apartment building with my family: cousins, aunts, grandmas, my mother and father, my sister and brother. There is a lot of estrogen in this family. And we all stuck together. Later on, my immediate family and I moved out to a house not far from the apartments we lived in. 

I showed interest in art as early as eight, when I used to try to paint everything with watercolors. I gave up because watercolors didn't exactly give me a realistic image. I realize now that art doesn't work that way; but at eight, art was the replication of an object. I've changed much since then. Art to me is essentially any thought expressed through a physical creation. I am not very well studied in art. I like different types of art. I like art that causes controversy, art that makes you think, art that allows you to wander, art that captivates you, art that pushes you away. I like anything significant in a person's life, if the passion is made evident through the art. Personally, I like to look towards nature and people's actions and remnants of their actions for inspiration: much like a neglected can of soda, an abandoned car, or a giant hole dug at the beach. With this program, maybe I can hone some skills and become better at projecting my ideas on paper, in writing, painting, or through people. I forgot to mention my name. Oh, how foolish of me.


Pedro, and this is my life.

Pedro’s Artwork

Pedro’s Artwork
Pedro’s Artwork