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The name that I have grown to love and embrace is Frantzceska, an amalgamation of all the things I would like people to take notice of: my individuality.

I was born and raised in Haiti and arrived in the United States at the age of nine. This was an opportunity of a lifetime, because now I have a chance to make my dreams a reality. I am now residing in the city of New York, having previously lived in Boston. There is no place like New York. It has changed me as a person. New York has taught me that it is okay to be free, bold, and to express myself in various ways.

Fashion makes my world go round, and that is just how I like it. Fashion is my favorite form of art. It involves innovative thinking, abstract shapes, colors, and expression through clothing.

I am participating in Youth Insights because I love being introduced to art. Art can be expressed in various ways. There is no wrong or right. It is up to you to know what art means. And I am finding that out right now.