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My name is Zoe. I grew up in New Jersey and have recently moved to New York City. I was brought up in a home that nurtured my love for the arts. I go to the Calhoun School, where I am also encouraged to pursue my passion for the arts. I was exposed to museums at a very young age. My parents and teachers have always pushed me to question my surroundings and what art means to me.

I’m an optimistic person. I believe life should be celebrated, which translates to my art and writing. I find beauty in the little moments: the innocence of a baby, the curiosity of a child, and the interaction between two people. Art and writing are my ways of expressing my points of view. I am a big fan of Mary Cassatt. Her impressionistic style and paintings portray a whimsical vision of mother/daughter interactions.

I joined the Whitney’s Youth Insights program to help me develop my writing and find a potential career in the arts. I am very excited to work with artists, as well as other inquisitive students who are interested in art and writing.

Zoe’s Artwork