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I am the one they call Yinersi, the one who was born and raised in Brooklyn and has Dominican roots that stretch out through the sea reaching my parents' motherland. Growing up with no television, I put my attention into the arts, which was not only entertaining, but also a learning experience. I did not set my eyes on a flat television screen but the blank pages of my notebook, which I later filled with strange imagery and drawings. I was, and still am, really interested in drawing, painting, and writing. Art has helped me search and find my true identity, purpose, and passion.

My main inspirations are my childhood memories and my experiences. Although I didn’t have cable TV, my childhood was far from boring. I remember many rebellious adventures and influential incidents in my life that not only impacted my upbringing, but also my art. Joining Youth Insights, I was expecting to sharpen my writing skills. This opportunity has also helped me widen my perception of the arts. One of my favorite artists is Philippe Ramett because his photographs take my breath away, and they remind me of pleasant dreams.

Yinersi’s Artwork