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My name is Vanesa and I’m sixteen years old. I’m in my junior year at Bronx High School for the Visual Arts. I come from the Bronx and have basically lived my whole life there in Parkchester. What brought me to this creative, artistic program was my art teacher Ms. Sun. She mentioned how the Whitney hosted Youth Insights and how it would be a wonderful, great opportunity for me since I’m into art.

I never paid much attention to art. Then, after spending two years in an art high school and finding out that I’m actually really good at drawing, I have come to develop more of an interest in art. I’m also learning new ways of interpreting and expressing art. I never thought I would come this far in involving myself and using art in my everyday life, either for school projects, homework, or simply for expressing how I feel. So I would like to thank my art teacher for mentioning this program and the Whitney for giving me this great opportunity to join them again.

Vanesa’s Artwork

By Vanesa, Miranda, and Orly
Vanesa’s Artwork