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I am Shalva, but you can call me Shako. I am originally from Tbilisi, Georgia. I was looking for an internship or a job that would give me experience in art or fashion. When I heard about the Youth Insights program I was more than happy to apply. I really wanted to get in, and when I found out that I made it, I was really looking forward to all the great experiences I would have and how much more I would learn as a young artist. 

I love singing and playing guitar. I am also learning how to play the piano. Making my own music is one of my biggest passions.

I love designing shoes and making art using graphic design. It’s great! I love being thoughtful with my art. In this program, I really want to be more creative and learn how to think artistically. I want to create something myself, make it my own, and have other people admire it. That feeling of freedom is very important to me. Anything can inspire me; random things on the streets and other people’s work give me ideas. In the future, I would like to achieve my goal of becoming a fashion designer or a graphic designer and be successful at it.

Shako’s Artwork

By Shako and Halima
Shako’s Artwork