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My name is Orly. I am in eleventh grade and attend the Bronx High School of Science. I am deeply interested in the arts. I have participated in various classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, High 5, the Museum of Art and Design, and the Fashion Institute of Technology. In these programs I have learned to both create my own art and critique the art of others. Currently I am participating in Youth Insights Writers program, I'm a teen representative at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I critique artwork with the High 5 program.

As cliché as it sounds, I would have to say Andy Warhol is by far my favorite artist. His work does not cease to fascinate me. Andy Warhol put meaning back where there was deadness. He blurred the line between decency and indecency. What marvels me is the way he was able to accurately reveal human nature.

Currently, I try to work on my own photography and film. In the future, I would love to exhibit my work in a museum or work in a museum, perhaps as a curator.

Orly’s Artwork