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I am currently a junior at Bard High School Early College.This is my second year participating in the Youth Insights program. Last year as a YI Artist, I worked with artists Christine Kim and Aki Sasamoto. I am very excited to be a YI Leader, working on reaching out to teenagers and encouraging them to explore art in various ways. 

I have strong interests in visual art and writing. I have taken drawing, painting, clay sculpting, and welding classes at the Art Students League of New York and photography classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). I have also taken writing courses at New York University during the summer. Currently, I draw, paint, and write only in my room, but I do so with great passion. While drawing or writing, I delve into creating and being in a world of my own. Language and literature also fascinate me. I have had the opportunities to study English, Korean, and Latin American literature, each inviting me to different spaces in which I experience feelings and thoughts that are unique to those cultures. I hope to continue with my explorations in all of these fields.