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Hi, I’m Katie and I am a senior at the Spence School in Manhattan. I have a twin brother and come from a very close family. We have lived in the same apartment in New York City my whole life and I have loved growing up here. Living in New York City is amazing not only because there are so many engaging and exciting places to visit, but also because there are so many incredible museums. As a self-proclaimed history geek, I do in fact spend my free time in museums. Going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and wandering around the American Wing is something I enjoy—maybe even a little bit too much.

Last summer, I not only had the opportunity to work at the Whitney, but also at the Museum of the City of New York (MCNY). At the MCNY, I had the privilege of working in the Costumes and Textiles collection. I helped prepare for an exhibition and assisted in the reorganizing of the collection. While looking through all of the old clothing and jewelry, I developed a love for clothing. Fashion history is something I had never explored before, but is extremely important to all cultures. At the museum I was able to look at everything from paper dresses made in the 1960s to dresses designed by Coco Chanel herself. Because I was able to view such a wide variety of clothing, I was able to truly gain insight into what women wore throughout time.

When I am not at a museum, (which is most of the time, I promise), I love to be in the mountains. I love to ski, and in fact I am a junior ski instructor on Vail Mountain. I also love to debate. I am head of the Model Congress club at my school and I facilitate and participate in weekly debates on controversial topics with my club. I love Model Congress because it gives me the opportunity to take on an alternate persona and argue any point I want, whether or not I agree with it in my own life.    

I first joined YI in my junior year at Spence to gain insight into the American art world. I have taken many art history classes but I had never learned about contemporary American art. I have learned so much about the Whitney’s collection and I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with the Museum throughout the rest of the year.