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My name is Eve. I am a senior at Bard High School Early College and lifelong resident of the East Village.

I began Youth Insights in tenth grade, where I taught children who lived in a temporary housing facility about the art at the Whitney. This experience taught me how important art can be to everyone, regardless of where they come from. I also participated in the Artist in Residence program. I worked with artist Rashawn Griffin, learned about installation and sculpture, and produced my own work. The following year I was invited to join Youth Insights Leaders. In this program, I have planned free events and art contests for teens, given tours of two major exhibitions at the Museum, and made short films about the Biennial in partnership with the New York Film Academy. Participating in Youth Insights has taught me not only about the art at the Whitney, but also about the importance of collaboration.

Besides participating in Youth Insights, I am really interested in making my own art. I paint, silkscreen, draw, collage, and make installation/performance pieces. Interning at the Whitney has really inspired my work, especially the 2010 Biennial, and the Roni Horn and Jenny Holzer exhibitions.