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I’m Charlotte and I’m a senior at Dalton. I’ve always been interested in the arts, but not always the same art forms. In middle school I was mainly focused on ballet: I danced seriously at the School of American Ballet, taking up to three hours of classes per day. Dance has always been a major part of my life and even though I don’t dance quite as much as I used to, through dance I was inspired to pursue my other interests in the arts. I now do a lot of modern dance as well as life drawing and painting. English has always been my favorite subject. This year I’ve taken three English classes in school. My favorite is a poetry class that I took completely by accident.  

I’m one of the oldest YI members still around. This is my third year at the Whitney and my second as a YI Leader. In my first year, I was part of the artist-in-residence program with Shaniece, Eve, and Cesar. I first heard about the program from my sister who was in YI a few years earlier. I was drawn to YI because I love the Whitney and the arts. I’ve only ever been involved in art by making art myself, and I thought YI would be a great opportunity to get another perspective. For me, one of the best parts of YI has been meeting on Mondays when the Museum is closed! We are able to have the galleries all to ourselves, which is really awesome. YI has gotten me so spoiled that sometimes when I’m at the Whitney on another day, I’m surprised to see other people around. I’ve really enjoyed my time in YI and I'm so sad to be leaving at the end of this year!