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I’m a senior at Bronx Science. I like running in the rain, biking over bridges, and working in museums. Art is an important window into a period or moment in history. Artists, who are informed by the social and political forces around them at the time, in turn, inform art. The greatest art is capable of encapsulating some aspect (whether expansive or miniscule) that contextualizes the time in which it was created. Even artists who are ahead of their time speak to us in their opposition to conventional practice (they tell us what “conventional practice” means).

The Whitney’s focus on twentieth-century and contemporary American art is infinitely compelling because it allows readings into both the past and the present. It also allows for exhibitions that range from expansive to incisive. The variety of practices within American art begs close study. The Whitney’s Education Department helps the public learn about art and history simultaneously. If you’ve inferred that I love the Whitney, it’s because I do!