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My name is Marlyn and I was born in the Sunshine State (Florida), and raised in Colombia (South America). I am a seventeen-year-old girl who envisions a better future for the world and fights hard for justice. Ever since I was little, I was taught values and morals to be a better person. Respect and communication are my two biggest base values. My mom always said, “If you respect, you will get respect,” and that’s what I have applied to my life and the people surrounding me. I don’t like blaming others for my failures. Instead, I believe things happen for a reason. Being positive is very important because knowing how to appreciate things makes you more aware of what you have and provides you with a peace that most of the world doesn’t have. My goal has always been to help the world in many different ways. This is why I think in the future I will travel around documenting people’s lives by learning their languages and cultures, while also helping them to progress.

I love expressing myself through art and writing, my top two passions. Art can have many descriptions, but to me it is something indescribable, because we feel it, make it, and see it with open minds. Inspiration is natural for me. I can be inspired by a dream, a song, a movie, a memory, something I saw, or really anything that has special meaning behind it.

I love photography because I think it is the only way we can capture a single moment that can never be repeated. I don’t think art was something created or discovered—it is just who we are.

The Whitney Museum focuses on American art from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, which is what interests me the most about it. I really appreciate and have learned about art that was made many years ago (mostly in Europe), but I think it is very important to look at contemporary art and artists who are working now. Youth Insights is a great opportunity to get involved by learning and meeting new artists, and also to motivate people to make art and think openly. I don’t consider myself the best artist, but I do think I have a lot to say and I can transmit many messages that reflect on life, like a mirror.

Marlyn’s Artwork