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Hi, my name is Tyresa. Currently I am a senior at the High School of Art and Design. I have majored in photography for the past two-and-a-half years. I am beginning to understand the fundamentals of photography but still have many building blocks to complete. I use some different photography techniques, working with perspective, angle, and lighting. I hope to come to a point of certainty and confidence in my photography and in my life. I find photography a way to tell a story: my story through the eyes of a camera. 

As high school has progressed, I’ve learned to become better equipped to deal with situations that challenge me, both hard and easy. The world is larger than I am. Each grade in high school has been a stepping stone to help build my future. I have learned to value what time I have now, and not to look back to the past, but only to work to improve my future. As humans, we have natural instincts that push us forward, make us want to learn more, and to go beyond our limits.   

To write this essay and say I’m a straight-A student would be a lie. My grades don’t resemble those of a student from Harvard, but I do feel that if I am given a chance to excel in my current state that it would be both beneficial and redeeming. I feel that learning from the past can create a better future. As I have progressed into a young woman, I have learned the importance of education and finding fun and creative ways of learning. I hope to someday go to college and study journalism. Journalism is something that I feel can help me see different avenues of life and to become better in tune with myself. I will learn different ways of viewing, and help to show and describe aspects of someone else’s life. I hope to live my life to the fullest and break through barriers of race, sex, and gender.

Some hobbies I enjoy are playing the guitar, reading, and writing poetry. I enjoy reading short stories; two of my favorite authors are Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker. The types of stories that captivate me are ones with emotion, and something that puts me in a place where I could only dream of being. In addition to liking the profession of journalism I sometimes think of how fun it could be to become a publisher or a news broadcaster. I am also interested in environmental studies, and I would like to create a story that would draw attention to the dangers and harms being inflicted upon the earth.  

My dreams are limitless, I hope to attain a little of each. Someday I hope to reach my goals. Some steps I hope to go through to attain my goals are going to college and attaining a degree in telecommunications or journalism. I would love someday to travel abroad and research different cultures and populations. Being a well-rounded person will provide a fruitful life for me. I live in Brooklyn and will someday see beyond the streets of New York.

Tyresa’s Artwork