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Guess who the Sandman is named after? Sandy, sophomore at Hunter College High School. I'm sixteen years old, one of the oldest in my grade, but also one of the most immature. I have an eclectic personality, in my social and academic life. To start with what's on every student's mind, I have an interesting relationship with grades. Back in elementary and junior high school, I was notorious for my perfectionism. Ninety-nine was not quite good enough, ninety-five was passing—below that was unimaginable. Once I got to Hunter, however, both the intellectual learning environment and the sheer impossibility of getting a full score on any test or project drove me to put less emphasis on a number and focus more on the experience and my "personal happiness," (a.k.a. less stress). 

The same applies to my social life. I was once a self-righteous and uptight person with strict moral standards and principles. But that was ancient me. The new me has a vocabulary comprised mostly of "sure" and "whatever." I talk freely about delicate subjects and I like to try new things, to the point that people call me strange, to put it nicely. In the arts too, my views have changed in a similar way. Art in my previous definition consisted only of Classical and Baroque paintings and the Greco-Roman sculptures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It has, of course, since then expanded. Starting with the time my great-grandfather gave me a watercolor set equipped with only the primary colors, and told me to draw a white rose on a white background, I began to see art beyond its lines and figureheads. Modern art became just as enjoyable as the styles of the past. 

In my life outside the windowless walls of Hunter, I am a fanatic about drama, bad music, books, and culture. I am addicted to the Internet, and the TV is my best friend (compared to textbooks, yes). I absolutely love dramas/TV shows—House, Korean dramas, Hong Kong dramas—anything Asian and American defines me. In music, I am shamelessly in love with Asian pop groups. I am fascinated with culture and food is my life, to the point that I would become a traveling food journalist if not for my dedication to becoming a surgeon. The Princess Bride and The Da Vinci Code are only two of my favorite books. I have a feeling I would love Jane Austen if I ever get around to reading Pride and Prejudice. Facebook creeps me out, and I really want to maintain a blog if only it didn't take up so much time and if only I don't end up sounding incoherent and uncoordinated in my entries. I will work my butt off to get into college and become a surgeon, but the first thing I'll do after graduating high school is make a trip to China and relive memories from my childhood. There are many things that are a part of me, and I could go on and on forever, but I suppose that the easiest way to describe me is just to say that I am Sandy.

Sandy’s Artwork