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I'm Monica, the girl that loves to play music and write with a passion. I come from a family of fun and adventurous people. We like to make people laugh and use lots of sarcasm. I've always liked to write since I was a kid. It was all that I liked to do, but then I met music, and that was it for me. It became all I cared about, but I'm still a pure writer at heart.

What brought me to Youth Insights? The fact that I was going to get a chance to work at a museum, because I love museums. They feel so safe to be in and they feel like home to me.

I love all of the arts, but I like music, writing, film, and photography the most. I would love to do something with any one of them. I love everything about art with a passion. It is truly everything to me. It is what makes me myself. It is what makes life worth living for. Life inspires me, and art inspires me along the way. Life changes every day, every second; you never know what is going to happen next.

In the future, I hope I get to do something that I love, not something my parents make me do just to become successful. I hope it will be something involving music, writing, film, or photography, but whatever it is, I just want art to be a part of it.

Monica’s Artwork