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My name is Korneil. I am a senior at the Automotive High School in Brooklyn. I have participated in AP history class and in the school choir. I am a member of the National Society of High School Scholars. I currently hold two jobs. The first is with the Youth Insights program where I collaborate with my peers to critically discuss work by various artists and develop my creative writing. The second is with the Greenpoint Youth Court Program, where we work to provide support to teens that have committed negative acts in the community. 

In addition to working, I also participate in other activities. I studied martial arts for over five years and achieved a black belt in the first degree. I also play the piano, play all types of sports, and love to write poetry. My goal is to become a successful lawyer by studying political science in the fall (2010) at college, and attend a great law school in the future.

I reside in Saint Albans, a section of Queens. I am so glad to be a part of the Youth Insights Program because, to me, art is an illustration that conveys a message to different groups of people. Art also lets people view and express their opinions differently. My favorite artists are Leroy Campbell and Keith Haring.

Korneil’s Artwork