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I’m Francesca. Currently I am a sophomore at Packer Collegiate Institute. I’ve been a student there since kindergarten. I have lived in New York all my life, except for six months when I was ten and we lived in France. My father is an artist and my mother is a writer, so from a young age, I have been surrounded by art and books. I remember as a young girl my father would drag me to museums and galleries to see different shows. My father would always run into somebody and end up talking for hours, but he always carried me around on his shoulders so I had a better view of the art. One of my first memories of seeing art was going to an exhibition of Impressionist painters, seeing a pastel drawing of a ballerina by Edgar Degas, and being mesmerized by her beauty and simplicity. Ever since then, I have looked at art in a different way. To me, art is anything that has gone through a creative process, and by creative process I mean a process or system in which somebody uses their imagination to use whatever resources they choose.  

This year, I really wanted to discover and take advantage of the city more, and since one of my big interests is art, I was drawn to the Youth Insights program. It also appealed to me because I am interested in other people’s views of art and in artistic collaborations. At the Youth Insights program, we are creating our own landscapes and working together. Another one of my interests is dance, and at school, I am part of a dance program where high school students choreograph dances with other students as their dancers.  Choreography can also include collaboration and next year I would really like to choreograph my own piece. 

Francesca’s Artwork