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Hello, my name is Sitora. I’m from Uzbekistan, a little country that is south of Kazakhstan and almost next to China. I am a blend of nationalities that include Russian, Uzbek, Korean, and bits of Yakut and Polish. Exemplifying my conglomeration of nationalities, my house is filled with mementos of all of my cultures, from the various dishes prepared to the art around my home.

I heard of Youth Insights from a friend. I really like art and wanted to learn more about it, so I applied. I was ecstatic when I found out that I could study art and make a living out of it. To this day I look at art with admiration as I consider the works that those before us have made, and think about what people in the future will make.

The beauty of art is that every day it surrounds us. You experience art when you see a bird take off among the swirling leaves and want to take a photograph to treasure that vision for weeks and months to come; when you want to immortalize the waves as fishermen cast their reels and the warm sun bakes the fish they have caught; and when you gaze upon an elderly couple, their years of love showing through their wrinkles and glowing eyes—all of that is the art that we try to study and the feelings we try to capture.

My favorite artist is Salvador Dalí, and I always mention to people how I want to get inside his head or be with him back in time when he created those exuberant paintings. What a pleasure it would be to hear his thoughts as he created his finest works and to capture each detail and feeling that went into his art. I find that everyday sights always inspire me. It can be any simple thing that I see or something massive that surrounds me. 

In the future, I hope to be able to create works that will inspire people to go out and see the world. Art that will make people want to look at the world around them with eyes different from those that they have when they go to school or work. I will help people find the inspiration that helps them grow and mature.

Sitora’s Artwork

Sitora’s Artwork
Sitora’s Artwork