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I am a passionate artist who is eager to draw curtains around people with creativity. Of course, my attempt is to shut people inside the curtain and allow them to acquaint themselves with me through my artwork and writing. 

I have always had a burning desire for expressing my creative thoughts, images, and philosophy of life. However, it was only two years ago when I decided to fulfill my burning desire and pursue my goal of becoming an inspiring artist/writer. In order to realize my dream of becoming an artist/writer and influencing the minds of many people, I have involved myself in the world of art and writing as much as possible. I am gaining lots of rich experiences by interning at the Whitney and taking classes at the Art Students League of New York. Additionally, I always save a little time for writing personal essays and drawing or painting.

Virginia Woolf is one of the writers who influenced me to begin writing with passion. Her ability to deliver vivid images, plot, and consciousness through writing is beyond amazement. The first time I read her essay, The Death of the Moth, I immediately fell in love with her. Virginia Woolf not only inspired me to become a writer, but also to become an artist. Just as Virginia Woolf has done, I wish to become an artist who makes the audience jump into the world on the wave of emotion I create in my works of art and writing. 

I was born in Seoul, South Korea. I flew to the United States with the help of an airplane in the summer of 2007. I am currently attending Bard High School Early College as a sophomore.

Seon’s Artwork