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My name is Queen, I live in Jamaica, Queens and I am one hundred percent American. 

I took an interest in art when I was eight. This was because my dad would always play old music on Sundays and he would tell me that it was art with words. I started to take a liking to music and listened to anything that my dad liked. Eventually I learned that pictures are a form of art too. 

In eleventh grade I had the opportunity to do an internship at the Whitney. I saw this as a chance to explore the other side of art. My experience here has been great. I have learned about how to create art with paint and sounds. I learned about different artists and the works they created. Sometimes it is a masterpiece of how they felt at the moment. Youth Insights is a great program to have your questions about art answered and an opportunity to explore art in detail. Also, your peers and the staff are friendly and easy to get along with. This was a great opportunity for me and I plan to create more art in the future.

Queen’s Artwork