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My name is Nathaniel. I am seventeen years old and I’ve been making art since I was a baby. Before I could speak, I was making art. I consider myself art. I also consider myself a comic book artist. I write the stories and do the illustration. With my work, I like to display as much emotion as possible and tell a great story. Since I’ve been with the Whitney Youth Insights Artists program, my idea of art and what kind of art I want to make has expanded to include working with sound and learning the art history of different cultures. In the future I want to go to art school, hopefully Cooper Union.

In the Youth Insights program I was able to work with a great deaf artist by the name of Christine Kim. She has taught me that art is more than pencil and paper. I saw how she uses different materials to capture sound on paper to visualize a tone. I have also learned not to expect my art to be perfect. We can’t expect greatness on our first try. We must tweak and work at it because art is what and how we make it.

Nathaniel’s Artwork