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My name is Jorrell, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and my family is from Dominica, Trinidad, and England. I'm a very funny and outgoing person who also loves trying new things. I love art a lot because art really speaks to me and other people as well. It is a way you can communicate with others without using words. By looking at artists' work, you can know what they’re saying and how they were feeling at that moment in time. My favorite artist would have to be Pablo Picasso, because his abstract work really makes you think about why and how he made each painting. His works of art are like secrets ready to be revealed. 

The people that are my inspiration for art are my sister and my art teacher. My sister inspires me because she taught me a lot of her art techniques, which I use along with my own. My art teacher has always liked the artwork that I do for her assignments. She gives me the courage to work harder and do even better work, and to add detailed objects to my artwork. 

What I hope to achieve in the future is to become a very famous artist and to do a lot of creative abstract paintings that will go down in history. I want to be one of the most creative artists alive so that even when I'm gone, I can still speak through my artwork to people and also show them how I felt. Art is a huge part of my life; I just hope I play a big part in ART.

Jorrell’s Artwork