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I’m an artist. I see life through an artist's eyes.

And to draw is just one of the ways,

When it comes down to how I spend my days

Through music. A beat. 

True relief.

Through my instruments is how I make my feelings known, 

And through my art my mind is shown.

And man, how my mind has grown. 

For bad or better. 

I got so much thought it’s enough to make your head hurt.

And when it comes to art, I took a shot in the dark . . .   

“Physical art is the product, but true art is just



I create, I state, I obliterate.   

I “philosiphicate” what’s goin' on in this dream state, 

We call it,


It couldn’t get tougher.

So don’t tell me that I don’t suffer. I’m not just another

Person you can drag down with your negative vibes, 

Your lies, 

Your pure despise,

You’re trying to change how I see through MY eyes?

Not today, 

Not this way. 

I have a life to live,

A perspective to give,

And so I respect the Buddha,

The one true good do-ah.

It's almost sadistic, the spiritualistic,

Things that he be expressin'.

What he be adressin'.

He knew what it means to 

Truly grieve.

So he roamed around, 

Spittin' the philosophies 

He believed.

That’s my goal of today,

To spread the Buddha master’s ancient ways.

And chillin' while appreciatin',

All my days.

A modern day enlightened one,

I consider myself his son.

A teacher to all,

A true philosopher to some.

Daniel’s Artwork