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Hi there! My name is Will and I attend LaGuardia High School as an art major.

Although this is my second year in YI, the process of learning about new groups of people and communities through various art forms, and the interactions that come along with them, have continued to shape me into the person I am today.

I am sixteen years old and live with my mom, dad, and nineteen-year-old brother in the juicy borough of Brooklyn. Since the days when I was furiously drawing away in pre-school, until now, I have always been very intrigued by art and what makes art. However, I did not always picture myself working in the Youth Insights program at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Actually, I wasn’t too keen on museums as a kid, which isn’t too surprising considering that most kids aren’t. But now I can’t get enough of this museum! You’d think taking four trains to get to the Upper East Side of Manhattan in the snowy slush on a Saturday morning without shoes, while carrying a mule and a loaf of bread, would be quite the burden, but somehow knowing that you’re traveling to the Whitney, makes it quite a pleasure. Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but the image is there.

In my spare time I like to draw, doodle, ride the train to explore a new stop, meet new people, and eat. I love the summer more than just about anything and get chills thinking about the sound of the ice cream truck echoing through the streets. My favorite subjects would have to be either art or English, because I like to read and be creative. Youth Insights is an opportunity for me to meet new people while being creative and has transported me into an environment of artists and communities that I never thought I would have the honor to be apart of. It’s great to belong to such a diverse and welcoming group of people, each of whom brings fresh ideas and open minds to the table. The YI group quickly becomes like a tight family that ends up in some ways molding you into a more experienced person. It's not like a cult or anything, I promise.

Being in the program for two years has allowed me to see how the people working alongside you can change the discussions and interpretations of art. For any high school students interested in the program, I’d definitely say go for it because there is so much to gain from this amazing program, and it’s had a great effect on me.