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What's up everyone? 

Listen up and always take notes.

What else can I do than write a poem . . .

My name is Ozzy and I’m a second year, 

I like to sing in the shower 

and kamikaze pigeons I fear. 

I live in the Bronx and traveling is my passion.

One day I’ll leave 

This cramped subway car 

We call Manhattan.

I won’t repeat what I am about 

Just read last year’s bio 

and you’ll figure it out.

What more can I say, I put the Whitney in an upheaval 

I love to laugh and joke 

but sometimes they’re evil. 

Friends are the best for singing in the street, 

pushing in the garbage, 

and going out to eat. 

I can’t recall the last time I watched TV alone,

But nick-knack patty-whack 

Give a dog a bone.

I’ve lost touch with hearing my music as shown,

But when I do catch a beat,

It’s usually my ring tone.

I love food and it is crazy that I’m not “phat.”

Here we have rats so large

that they scare away the cats.

I can’t express enough that the Whitney is my home,

A place to study, to learn, and occasionally to roam.

The Whitney is the best, it is truly a delight, 

But it is time to end this poem. 

Peace out bruva/sista and have a good night. 

WOOT. Thank You. I’m here Tuesdays (stroke the chin).