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Hi, I’m Lee, a senior at the Bronx High School of Science, and this is my second year as an “insightful youth” in the Youth Insights program. Clearly, YI has something going for it if it has managed to keep someone as easily distracted as myself, involved and engaged in the program. A heavy dose of art, friendly people, free food, and interesting discussions proved to be just what I needed two years ago, and I’m happy to say it is something I still need today.

I love writing, reading, compulsive gambling, and saving the world. I do not actually participate in compulsive gambling, but I love it nonetheless. I continue to think llamas are cool. I recently received talking socks. I believe creativity strikes best late at night, so maybe I should have written this at three in the morning. Overall, I am a content person, although sometimes I am angry about how they raised the price of gum. Gum should never be more than twenty-five cents, ever. Next!

One thing I appreciate about Youth Insights is that it has served as a vehicle for meeting so many interesting, diverse, articulate, intelligent people. I could go on and on about how great the people are, how wonderful the program is, and how much the Whitney has influenced my life, but I won’t for the sake of the reader, who should really just come over to the Museum and take a look around. There is art here that will make you smile, curse, or scratch your head in pure confusion. That’s what is great about the place.

In the future, I would like to be me, but more so. I would love to travel around the world, so that I can tell everyone that New York City is better than any other place—whether or not this is true.

I think I have bestowed enough insight upon the world for tonight.