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Kendall, that’s what I am: kind, engaging in doing all of life’s levels. That spells Kendall. I’m what people say is positive. I laugh everyday and every minute. At times I think I have a problem. They say laughing is healthy, but it has almost killed me many times. I laugh at all the rough times, but keep it cool on a professional level at work. I’m like sun on a rainy day, just not with the extreme heat.

I go to the movies a lot and the ones I see are all action, they don't have an inner story to them. The best movie ever is, The Crow. You have to love an invincible electric guitar-playing mad man.

I find life an adventure that brings you a chapter with a new beginning. I’m an artist, but not a Manga artist. I draw things similar to Marvel and anime. A game helps me when I am having a bad day. People just take games the wrong way. It’s to pass your time, you’re not supposed to really do it.

I don’t have a lot to say about myself, because I’m finding myself in Youth Insights. This program has changed my life for the best. It’s like a game that never turns off.