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I don’t have much to say, just a few words. I hope it won’t sound too boring. My name is Jing, originally it was Jing Jing. I shouldn’t have changed my name. I was very tall when I was young but after my mom shortened my name, I never seemed to grow anymore. My last name, by the way, means tall in Chinese.

I was born in Chang Le, Fuzhou, China, which is a small town in the hills. It’s a beautiful place, and I had a really huge family. Almost everyone in my town was related to me and ninety-nine percent of us had the same last name.

Now, I am a senior at the High School for Humanities. I live in Chinatown. New York City is different in every way from my homeland. Folks here are in a rush to get to their destined place, but in my peaceful little town it’s slow everyday.

This is my first year in YI and it’s going to be my last year too, because I am going to college next year. I joined this program because I didn’t know much about art. If you asked me last year to name one artwork that I liked, I couldn’t answer. Now, I would have many answers. This is an easy and fun way to learn about art. So far I think YI is a great place to find your talents and meet new people. I had a lot of fun in Youth Insights. I like art and now I am learning about it every week.