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Hello you people, I am the one and only James. I am a part of Youth Insights, a program where teens from all over New York learn more about art. I am a person who loves movies, comedy—especially jokes with my friends, and video games. I spend hours playing video games—any type. By the way, I love movies. When it comes down to comedy, I think I know the funny people in the world. They should even be on that TV show on B.E.T called Comic View. Well my life is okay, it goes from school, to work, to home. One of my hobbies is designing clothes, from hats to sneakers—head to toe. Hopefully I'll get some kind of deal with a major company; for some strange reason I always run into someone famous. To close this little tale of "my life story" here's a poem by none other then me:

Day after day opportunity after opportunity.

Don't let it pass you by.

Life, opportunities, miss them and there is no 

point in living.

Trials, problems, it really doesn't matter 

in the end.

Because once you succeed, all your problems,

Trials, and yes even the "haters," will all cease 

to exist.

Then you'll be left with the ones who believed

and your hard-earned cash. Then you'll know

it was faith, work, and yourself 

who got you to the place where you are now. 

Never give up and keep your dreams, someday 

they'll take you to your own dream paradise.