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I’m Ariel. I’m seventeen and currently a senior at Townsend Harris High School, a place where the rules are vague, yet strict, sort of like the Patriot Act (only kidding, really).

I love kiwi fruit, ultimate frisbee, and wandering around New York City. One of my favorite places to go is the Hudson River Park in lower Manhattan—very mellow.

Besides ultimate frisbee, I like sports in general. I like to watch basketball—although I don’t play, and running cross country is the best—although relay races are pretty fun and full of pressure since they’re not just an individual event. There’s a pressure to get the baton pass down perfectly, and it’s a team event, so while you’re running you have a unique kind of motivation pulsing through you. I also like swimming because, like cross country, it helps to build endurance.

I applied to Youth Insights because I love art history and I was interested in YI’s diverse community. However, I’m not sure whether the enjoyment of art history is completely of my own volition. Both my dad and my older sister majored in art history in college, so it might just be contagious in my family. Anyway, I am happy to be a part of YI, and anyone who is interested really should apply.

In school my favorite classes are Spanish and Japanese. I just enjoy looking at language in general. I used to take Latin, but this year there were budget cuts and they cut my class from the school schedule.

I think I really learn more outside of school, since New York City is full of great resources. There are different organizations with free classes, internships, and volunteering. My favorite place to volunteer is the Central Park Youth Corps that has lots of hands-on work and science integrated in a cool way.

Here are some random favorites of mine:

Books: Ender’s Game, The Golden Compass, Dune, Tokyo Suckerpunch

Music: Jamiroquai, Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, Maroon5

Movies: Yi yi, Clerks, The Incredibles

Art at the Met: Autumn Rhythm, Jackson Pollock; The Death of Socrates, David

Anyway, I think this is running long so I will end pretty soon. Yes, I think that’s about it.