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It’s below zero degrees and my hands are cold
But just for you, I type this poem
About my life to fill you in,
On how a YI is within
By some I’m Victoria, to others Vicki
To Hester Dang, I’m “Vicki the Hicky”
(Inside joke that’s pretty lame)
But that’s how it goes for someone insane
Fiorello H. LaGuardia is my school
Piano and cello is the domain I rule
There isn’t much that I dislike
Except for pessimistic hype
I’m known to some as the music geek
Indie rockin “Hot Hot Heat”
And don’t forget my Modest Mouse
A band that I can’t live without
What else is there? The cold makes me slow
If it’s gonna be this cold, at least let it snow
I’m sorry about my randomness,
Of indie bands and Calculus
And sorry for the crappy poem
But I now end here, my maximum