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Climbing a mountain, being pickpocketed on a Spanish subway, and eating sushi with French dressing, are just some of the exciting things that happen in my life. No, they are all that happen.

I’m Ozzy. I’m sixteen and go to The Heritage School. I was named after Ozzy Osbourne. My dad is Peruvian. I live with my mom, my three-year-old alien brother, and his pet chihuahua called Baby. I live in the Bronx.

In my spare time I like to go to the movies, hang out with friends, and eat at really neat, cozy little diners. My favorite color is green, and I enjoy saying the word "smock." I can’t believe it is ending, but my favorite sitcom has to be the best of all time, Friends. I also like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Lord of the Rings was spectacular, I enjoyed it a lot.

In school, I enjoy English and art (what a surprise!). I really enjoy both of these subjects because you are able to express yourself in a variety of ways. Although they seem to be complete opposites, they seem to relate to each other as well.

Going to Spain my sophomore year really had a lasting impact on my life. Besides traveling to another country, it made me realize the effect that America has on other parts of the world. It was interesting to see how countries embraced American culture and how they tried so hard to stand apart from it as well. The architecture was amazing and so was the art. The food was okay, but I never went to McDonald's. The people were nice, sort of. They were beautiful.

The Heritage School has about three hundred students. It's very small and, because of this, teachers are often very close with their students. I learned about this Whitney program from my art teacher. My experiences so far have been good. Meeting new people has been awesome. We all have distinct personalities, but also share common interests in researching and learning about art. This program has pushed me to gain new skills that will be useful in my future. I'm thinking ahead of myself. It has also allowed me to overcome my weaknesses. Above all, this program has taught me that museums don’t always have to be boring, and that with an upbeat group of people and desire for conversation, it’s possible—as farfetched as it may seem—for them to be interesting.

Characteristics are like colors. I’m Mediterranean and comfortable. I want all friends to be comfortable around me. I want to joke and laugh with everyone. I really enjoy getting to know new people. I believe I have an open mind and I am receptive to new and exciting things.

Suggestions: talk, don’t be afraid, and say what you want. It really is good advice. Don’t be shy to express what you care about. Talk about the things you don’t care about. Maybe you will realize things you never realized before. At the Whitney, people leave their insecurities behind. Don’t be frightened to express your true self. Be yourself.