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Hi, my name is Lee. Watch out, it’s just about to get Interesting. I’m a junior at the Bronx High School of Science, and live in Manhattan.

My background is faux-Irish, mixed with various Eastern European countries. In my spare time, I enjoy wandering around with friends, photography, watching movies, writing, reading, drawing, and wearing cool socks—bonus points if they don’t match. Music is also very important to me. I’ve realized that I tend to like bands whose names have alliteration: Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Hot Hot Heat, for example. All are good.

Another good thing is the Youth Insights program (oh, smooth transition). It’s a lot of fun and a really interesting experience, I promise. If you’re at all interested in discussing and looking at art, it’s worth checking out. Also, sometimes they give you pizza, a lot of the time, actually. Although every now and then there is Chinese food. If you also like pizza and Chinese food, you should definitely check it out.

I’m not sure what I’d like to be in the future, besides happy. However, film, art, photography, sleeping, and writing interest me the most, and any combination of the five would be great. Sadly, I am most skilled at the art of procrastination. Not only have I procrastinated about writing this bio, but I’m only writing it now so that I don’t have to finish several essays due tomorrow.

Llamas are cool. My favorite color is turquoise.

Picnics are fun.