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Once upon a time, or seventeen years ago if you want to be exact, my pudgy, bald, baby-self decided to grace the Earth—more specifically New York. Since then, I’ve acquired some hair, and learned all of the things that come standard with childhood. I’ve lived in Sunnyside all my life with my big loud family—my cousins and I live in the same apartment building and my grandfather lives across the street. If you had to split me up into genealogical fractions, I’d roughly be half Irish, a quarter Polish, and a quarter Welsh, along with some other miscellaneous European things tossed in there, that alternate depending upon which of my relatives you ask.

I’m a senior at Townsend Harris High School, and let me tell you, I can’t wait to get out of there! It’s a great place for your education and all that blah blah. Anyway, there, I’m a big fan of the art and writing classes, and when I’m not doing homework—which is never, I’m a big movie person. My favorite activity has got to be what my friends and I have dubbed "movie nights." Basically, we rent about fifteen movies at a time, buy a week’s supply of junk food and Coke, shut ourselves up in one of our houses, and watch all of the movies, one after another, without sleeping. Let me tell you, some movies can get really interesting at four in the morning when you’re strung out on sugar and caffeine. I love movies so much, I’ve decided to spend my life making them, but that remains to be seen.

I think this is an interesting question: “What is your defining characteristic?” If defining characteristic means how people identify me, I guess my "defining" characteristic would be my love for purple. I have no idea what started it, but a couple of years ago I got really into that color. Now pretty much everything I own has some form of purple in it.

An experience that shaped my life, I guess, would have to be my vision. It’s a long story about genetics and surgeries, but I’ve pretty much been legally blind since I was three. I shall spare you the nightmarish tales and simply tell you that it has certainly made me grow up fast. Sometimes I feel like a forty-year-old woman, but I’m sure I’d rather have a good level of maturity than spend my adolescence re-enacting a scene from Saved by the Bell.

Anyway, let’s talk about YI. In one word: awesome. If you want a job that’ll teach you tons about yourself, your generation, and of course, art, then I say apply! Everybody is amazing, you become friends really quickly, and it’s always great to work with your friends!