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My name is Anita and I am a junior Art major at LaGuardia High School in Manhattan. I am sixteen years old and this is my second year in Youth Insights. I live in Brooklyn with my small family where I enjoy sleeping, watching television, working on my website, and eating—preferably cheese.

I decided to come back to Youth Insights because it's a family and it's hard to be separated from people you love. I learned so much about art, how a museum functions, and how much work and effort goes into curating and hanging an exhibition. Being a part of Youth Insights made me want to study art history in college and perhaps go into a career involving museums. Since I am an art major in high school, I always struggle with the prospect of keeping art in my life while making a sufficient living, and I've finally found something that doesn't involve producing art but being around it all the time. The program has also taught me to be flexible and to manage my time better which has helped me, not only in Youth Insights, but in my schoolwork as well. I've met so many different, new, and exciting people and experienced so many wonderful things that I never would have experienced without being in the program. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.