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You probably have three minutes to read this, which is good, because I have about three minutes to write this. So, if we work together, we can all be happy. Here’s me:

This is my second year in Youth Insights, so that means more tours, more art, and more fun. Mostly, I joined the program because I didn’t know much about art. It was a paid, easy way to find out about art, and to be honest, I didn’t expect to become so engrossed in the program. So here I am, a year wiser and going through it all again, and I’m hoping it’s all for the better. Maybe, with the blessing and permission of the Whitney, I’ll come back for a third year, but only time will tell. Check on the website next year to see.

I live in Brooklyn and go to Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan. I have a brother at school in England, and both my parents work in New Jersey. I’m a junior. True. Also, I help teach third graders at Beth Elohim Synagogue in Brooklyn and I am starting an internship with Morgan Stanley for general purposes.