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Hey everyone. My name is Ray and I am a junior at Vanguard High School, located in Manhattan. I live on the Upper East Side and have lived there almost all my life. Other than the East Side, I have lived in Brooklyn and enjoyed living there for a couple of years. A little bit on my ethnic background: my mother was a mixture of African American and Puerto Rican. My father is just purely Egyptian. I lost my mother when I was six months old and that pretty much shaped how I view life and how precious it is. Life to me is something that you have once, and I realized you have to make the best of it before you go . . .

One of those things I've decided to do is join Youth Insights and understand how art expresses a person's point of view, on anything ranging from culture to life itself. So far I'm doing just that and more. Youth Insights has shown me an artist's mind and helped me understand the everyday struggles that artists endure.

Another reason I've decided to join Youth Insights is to meet diverse people. One of the things I love about life is that there are so many different types of people out there, and each of them has a certain thing to bring to the table.

As for my interests, I love to read; my favorite book is Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. I love to act, I've always wanted to have my own action flick. I also know how to dance ballet, modern, and jazz. I got into LaGuardia High School for drama and dance but my father disapproved. No biggie, moving right along . . .

I enjoy Youth Insights and it's definitely something to look into whether or not you like art; after all, the program is what you make of it.