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Hey, I'm Evie. I am not a Pokemon. I learned this year, while working with the Youth Insights program, that there is a Pokemon named Evie. It's a little fox-looking dude. It's pretty cute. Its name is spelled Eeeeeeveeeeee. The little kids asked me if my parents named me after the Pokemon character. The answer to this question is no.

Let's see, this is my second year in Youth Insights. All you people thinking about applying to Youth Insights definitely should. It's really cool and it'll keep you coming back for more. I wanted to be in Youth Insights because of my love of art—both making it and learning about it. Learning about art in depth has only been one great part of my Youth Insights experience. I became part of a community with a super-cool bunch of people who are also in the program, both current participants and alumni. I was also able to engage in discussions about art with people of all different ages and backgrounds.

My favorite part so far was teaching little kids how to give tours (YI) and doing art projects with kids (the Regent Family Residence). It has been an extremely gratifying experience teaching these kids about art and help them love art as much as I do. Kids are the most open-minded about art and have the most enthusiasm for learning. Because of my experience with both programs, I have greatly considered becoming a teacher of art or art history, something I had never considered before my participation in Youth Insights.

Next year I hope to be in college studying art and art history, not living in my parents house, and having a good time. In ten years I hope to still be making art, have a career that somehow incorporates working with young kids, and have an awesome apartment in the city.