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Hi, my name is Chris and I am sixteen years old. I go to Martin Van Buren High School where I am a sophomore. I joined Youth Insights because I wanted some job experience, and how many teens can say "I work at the Whitney Museum"?

My interests are sports and going out. My favorite sport to play (not to watch) is basketball. My favorite sport to watch is football. I love to just go out, just walk around and talk. I also like to listen to rap, R & B, and some rock—I don't know why, some of the music is just addictive. The movies I like to watch are comedy and action movies. I may not be a die-hard fan of art, but I like to doodle from time to time, and I like to do graffiti on the walls and on desks in schools.

Well, this is my bio, and I hope to meet some of the Youth Insights new-comers at the alumni reunion. Also, peace!