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Hi, my name is Brian and I'd like to tell you about myself. I am a seventeen-year-old working at the Whitney, and I love my job because I became interested in art after seeing a Keith Haring show that showed me I could be an artist. Art is for everyone, so now I make my own video art because I went to more museums and was inspired by Bill Viola, Tony Oursler, Bruce Nauman, and many others who I give tours on now. You should come to a tour because I think you're the kind of person I would like to talk about art with, since you are still reading. Maybe you can even sign up and be the next me, who knows what could happen. 

I made a documentary for WNYE Channel 25 with other members from Youth Insights while working here. It is on the series IMNY that will be airing Monday nights at 8:30. Through this project I learned about Rooftop Films, which is a really cool place to hang out in Brooklyn. I would like to live there one day, not on the rooftop like Jim Morrison, but in the borough. I'm going to the Fashion Institute of Technology in the fall, which reminds me, I love the taste of Sir Real apple cider. I drink it when I am painting, playing the guitar, writing music, directing a film, or writing a script. I'm always looking for actors, so show up to a tour, and maybe end up in a film if that sounds interesting.

I always wear my art shoes that have Van Gogh on one shoe and a Picasso painting on the other, so remember to look down and make sure that you really read this whole bio when you come and see me. The secret word to whisper in my ear is "Warholsoup." If you remember to tell me, I'll draw you a picture. You can wonder about the picture, because everyday I look at the bread with the polka dots on the packaging and it always tells me to wonder, but I wonder about so much I'm never sure if it's about what the bread wants me to wonder about. Remember the code word!