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Hi, my name is Andrew, and I'm fifteen years old. I attend Stuyvesant High School in downtown Manhattan as a sophomore. I live in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn, where I have lived since I was born. My father is of Belarusian descent, while my mother descends from England, Ireland, Scotland, and the rest of that area. In the area of siblings, I have one brother, and I suppose he's the reason that I became interested in art at an early age. Though neither of us were artists in the sense of drawing or painting, he would take me to the Brooklyn Museum nearly every weekend where I slowly became interested in the workings of museums and art. The Whitney's Youth Insights program allows me to go back and experience that sense of awe that I had in the Brooklyn Museum. I remember many of my days in early youth at the museum. The museum gives me a youthful feeling, which one generally wouldn't associate with such an institution.

Beyond nostalgia, I also signed up for the Whitney Youth Insights program in order to meet people and gain experience in a work setting. Already, it seems that the Youth Insights program has integrated itself into my life, and often takes precedence over many other obligations (i.e., school). Although I may not choose a job in the art world when I grow up, the Whitney's program is at least a portal into that world, and a good paradigm for the work world that we will all enter eventually. Though the museum teaches me a lot about art, it teaches other essential concepts as well, such as ideas of community and leadership. Overall the program has had a great effect on me.