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Hello, my name is Sophie. This is my first year in the Youth Insights program. I'm really enjoying it. I have always lived in Lower Manhattan. I'm a senior at LaGuardia High School on the Upper West Side where I major in art. I love to make art. It helps me learn about myself, and it allows me to materialize things from my imagination. I also like to learn about art, which is one reason that I applied to the Youth Insights program. Learning about artists by participating in this program has expanded my understanding of what art can be and of what art can be used for.

Aside from creating art, the activities I do in my free time mostly have to do with music, specifically rock 'n' roll. I really want a drum set. Currently I practice on the couch with a pair of sticks. I can't really claim to be a drummer, since I've only actually used a drum set about twice. Nonetheless, I practice constantly. My favorite album to play along to is The Ramones's End of the Century.