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Hello my name is Ranya. I attend Central Park East Secondary School (CPESS) in Manhattan. I am in the twelfth grade. I live in Queens Village, New York. My father is Egyptian and my mother is Jamaican.

My interests include taking care of children, making them feel good, and making them laugh. I am also interested in marine biology; I like sea animals, especially turtles, and I like swimming. I think it would be really cool to be a synchronized swimmer, so I want to try to take classes. I also enjoy dancing, shopping, and going out with my friends.

What I like about art, is that you are expressing your own feelings, and when you do that you can never be wrong. The particular style of art that I like is Fauvism because of all the bright colors, like in Matisse's paintings. I also like art that I can relate to, and that creates feelings as soon as I look at it.

I enjoy Youth Insights because I can give tours to all different age groups. I can give and receive knowledge about different artwork and art styles. It gives me the opportunity to meet new people and learn about their culture. I can also learn how to interact with different people. Giving tours is a great way to open up to people and feel more comfortable talking to people, especially in large groups. It helps clarify your speech, and straighten your posture. It also allows you to focus on how you're presenting yourself, and how people around you are reacting.

I like working with older people because they might have been living at the time that the picture was made. They can take you back to their time and teach you about the time period in which the art was created. They also might have a better understanding of the pieces, and are usually not too shy to speak what's on their minds. I also like how they are impressed that high school students can give a tour and are eager to see more. It is great that Youth Insights can give a positive image of teens.

What I like about working with younger people is that their innocent minds always seem to see something that you overlooked. Since they are younger, they usually don't care what people think and are not afraid to speak what's on their minds.

My favorite American artist is Joseph Stella because his painting The Brooklyn Bridge: Variations on an Old Theme always seems to put me in a good mood when I think of it or look at it. The painting is so intense and real, as if I could step inside and take a ride on the train. Every time I look at it I seem to see something new that I didn't notice before.

In three years I will be a junior in college. I'm not sure which college I will attend but I want to be at least two hours from home, so I can be close. Hopefully I will be in Wells, taking courses at Cornell. I will be having fun, probably taking math, science, liberal arts, and language classes, fulfilling my goal and dream of being a pediatrician.