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Num-rith-aa (that's me).

While being born and raised in New York, I've seen a little bit of everything. As an Asian American, most of my life has been spent living in a predominantly white neighborhood. I always wanted to break away from the conservative values, to be my own person, and to find a true meaning in life.

As a seventeen-year-old, my thoughts are usually overlooked and said to be "immature." Some people might listen to what I have to say through art. Art allows people to express themselves. Nothing is ever wrong or right. What you feel, is simply what you feel. Some people might disagree; then again, one is always entitled to an opinion. Art can be a place to find common ground. One can always communicate their emotions through art.

My curiosity in the philosophical aspect of art encouraged me to become part of the Youth Insights program. As a participant, I would like to gain experience working with people of all ages, and to value the wide range of ideas presented by different age groups. The most valuable experience is gained when you truly get to know people and what they think, regardless of their background.

On a more personal level, there is a lot to know about the basic stuff that describes me. To make a long story short, I attend high school in Staten Island, where I am the vice president of the Indian/Pakistani Club, a member of the Key Club, and the editor of the school newspaper. Aside from being a Youth Insights participant, I am also an intern in a congressman's office.

In my free time, you can catch me on the Internet, surfing or chatting away. I enjoy shopping, singing and dancing, relaxing and sleeping, or just going to the movies, or bowling. I have a huge interest in philosophy as well. I also love meeting new people. People describe me as a "people person." In the near future, I would like to pursue a career in law, perhaps as a criminal lawyer, or with some type of government position. I am really interested in the liberal arts and social sciences.

So far, my experience as a Youth Insights participant has helped me express my own observations with clarity and imagination. I am now captivated by a world that I tended to overlook and not give enough importance.

"Life is like an onion: you peel it off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep." --Carl Sandburg