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Hello! I'm Nahid. I am a senior at the High school for Health Professions and Human Services. Unfortunately this is my last year in the Youth Insights program. As a third-year participant of the program I feel confident when it comes to talking to an audience. It also feels good to say that I work at the Whitney Museum.

The best thing about art is that there is no right or wrong; it's all about your perception. I love drawings, paintings, and animations. Though I have no talent in those areas, I do know how to make henna tattoos, and I create henna designs.

I am interested in Youth Insights because it enables teenagers to explore American art and really helps build communication skills. The perfect evidence of this is me, come see me give a tour and you'll know what I'm talking about! Besides that, it helps one to grow as a person in a professional environment.

Working with senior citizens is great, and teaches you a lot about history! They have great information about some of the artworks that were made during their time. However, nothing is more exciting to me than working with little kids. They are amazing! Their ideas and imaginations soar. I love working with younger kids because they are engaging and fun to be with.

In three years I see myself in college studying to be a registered nurse because I love helping people. It makes me happy to know that I can comfort others!