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Hey, my name is Jasmine. I attend Benjamin N. Cardozo High School in Queens, where I also live. My hobbies are dancing, hanging out with my friends and family, and working with Youth Insights at the Whitney Museum. I enjoy helping others and learning new and different things, which is why I joined Youth Insights. I found out about Youth Insights from my art teacher. I went on a few trips to the Whitney Museum with her and her students, and when she found out about this program she told a couple of my friends and me about it. My friends and I were interested, so we went to the recruitment day. I filled out an application, sent it in, got a call for an interview, then another call for a second interview, and finally, I'm now a part of this great program.

I enjoy Youth Insights because it is a program where teenagers of different races, from different boroughs and schools, get a chance to learn about artists and their paintings, and share our information with our peers. We do this by giving Youth Insights tours. We give family and senior citizen tours as well. Another reason that I enjoy Youth Insights is that I have begun to appreciate art more now, than I ever had before. At first I thought I was crazy, joining a program that related to art, but experience in art was not needed. Being a part of Youth Insights helped me realize that art does not necessarily have to be a picture or a painting, it can be a sculpture, building, a piece of clothing, even myself. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I also enjoy Youth Insights because of the tours. The tours are so much fun. The interaction from the audience is amazing. You get to see what other people think about art. At the Whitney, everyone is so nice, and ready to help if anyone is in need. I love Youth Insights!