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Hey web dudes!

My name is Emily, and I am a senior at Townsend Harris High School. Townsend Harris is the geek of the Queens school system, but if you live outside the borough you've probably never heard of it. I am a third generation outer-borough Jew. I live in Jackson Heights, Queens, but spend my weekends crashing at friends' houses around the city.

Interests? I have many, but does that make me interesting? I don't know, you can decide. I like art, splattering paint around, listening to music, painting to music, writing cheesy geek rock lyrics, movies (anything 80s), films (indie), bad sitcoms (I'm not proud), anything visual.

I like art where you can see the artist's struggle. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture with visible brush strokes and under painting is worth two thousand. I like Youth Insights because I not only get to see so much different work, but I am also able to become involved with the pieces. I get to have my own relationship with the work in the Whitney. I also get to have a relationship with the Museum itself. I really like the Museum, because it's small and has a history of showing works that other museums might not show. I am very excited to be here for the Biennial. I love giving tours, I'm psyched to do more, and everyone reading this should come to the next tour.

So far, through the Youth Insights program I've become attached to the work of Alex Katz and Edward Hopper. Their work is detached and somewhat cold. For some reason I'm drawn to their work, though I detest those attributes in daily life. Maybe I'm drawn to them because I detest those attributes in daily life.

In three years I'll probably be in college. I'll be either painting or sleeping, depending on what time of day you're reading this.